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How to get downtime without a naptime

The other day @parenthacks retweeted a desperate plea from @coquemont, mom of a 2-year-old: “Someone please write Top 10 Ways to Get Downtime With a Tot That Does Not Nap. @parenting @parenthacks I am going crazy.” Been there.  So here’s … Continue reading

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On anonymity

Be aware that anyone and everyone can read your words. The last person you would ever want reading your website will eventually find and read your website. This advice from Heather Armstrong of Dooce appeared in a article on … Continue reading

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Easy Recipe: Instant Healthy Ice Cream

If you were to ask me my worst food vice – the thing I indulge in with minimal health benefits (so red wine and dark chocolate wouldn’t qualify, of course!) – it would be ICE CREAM, hands down.   Nothing caps … Continue reading

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Preschool Snack Guidelines

My son’s preschool held a picnic last week, and each family brought a snack to share with the other kids.  Of the seven snacks offered, four were from the cookie/cracker family, and one was kettle corn; the other two snacks … Continue reading

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Product pick: Hard-boiled Egg Molds

Plenty of parenting blogs are talking about ways to make school lunches more fun.*  A friend told me about this one, which may be my favorite idea so far: egg molds!  Who knew that you could turn a hard-boiled egg … Continue reading

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Report: Activities from the Rookie Moms

Last week, I confessed that I hate the park.  I also challenged myself to try three activities suggested at to break out of a rut of same-old everyday activities with my 3-year-old son.  Here’s what I tried and how … Continue reading

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Easy Recipe: Lunch Pancakes

My son loves pancakes.  On lazy Saturday mornings, we’ll sometimes whip up a batch using Trader Joe’s multi-grain pancake mix, and he’ll eat more than my husband.  On the rare occasion that we go out to breakfast, he’ll devour the … Continue reading

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I hate the park.

There, I said it.  I’m a stay-at-home mom to an almost 3-year-old boy, and I hate going to the park.  It could be that this germophobic mom can’t handle the dirt… or that the trouble to slather sunscreen on this … Continue reading

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The Decaf Mom phase

It was my first outing with the new baby, our first child. We strolled to our neighborhood Starbucks, where we introduced our son to our favorite barista and the store manager. In an adorable gesture of congratulations, they wrote “Mom” … Continue reading

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