Product pick: Hard-boiled Egg Molds

Plenty of parenting blogs are talking about ways to make school lunches more fun.*  A friend told me about this one, which may be my favorite idea so far: egg molds!  Who knew that you could turn a hard-boiled egg into a car, a star, or even a fish?!

Here’s how it works.  Peel a freshly hard-boiled (still hot) egg, pop it into the egg mold, and stick the mold into an ice-water bath.  Once the egg cools, it comes out of the mold in an adorable, cartoony shape.

My friend notes that it’s easier to peel the hot egg under warm water.  And according to a reviewer on Amazon, you can even add food coloring to the ice water to impart some color to the egg.  (When I try that, I’ll use beet juice or turmeric rather than the artificial stuff.)

I got my car and fish egg molds as a set on Amazon for around $5.  They also have star/heart and rabbit/bear sets.  How’s that for a fun addition to a kid’s bento lunch?

*A few other posts about packing a fun lunch are listed in my recipe for Lunch Pancakes. I’m also excited to participate in the blog party over at Fed Up With Lunch!

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One Response to Product pick: Hard-boiled Egg Molds

  1. Mrs. Q says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for participating.

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