Report: Activities from the Rookie Moms

Last week, I confessed that I hate the park.  I also challenged myself to try three activities suggested at to break out of a rut of same-old everyday activities with my 3-year-old son.  Here’s what I tried and how it went.

1. Activity #580: String up straws for a preschooler’s necklace
This seemed like a sure win for us, since BB loves straws.  I called him over to his Learning Tower to watch me chop them up, then I set him loose with a bowl of “beads” and some giftwrap cord.

Result: Turns out, my son isn’t quite patient enough to thread these by himself, nor is he excited enough about dress-up to be motivated by the promise of a cool necklace.  So, this was not an activity to start him on while trying to prepare dinner.  However, once I had the time to help him, he finished a complete necklace. He was excited to show it to his dad and then bedeck his stuffed triceratops with it.  I’ll definitely keep the rest of the “beads” to try this again if we need a quiet activity while LB is sleeping.

Surprise twist: BB decided that he was building not a necklace but a train, even noting which bead was the caboose.  I could probably get some mileage out of that next time.

2. Activity #589: Tape up a train track for your toddler
Given BB’s interest in trains these days, a “life size” train seemed like a great idea.  Alas, I lacked tape.  However, inspired by the post, we built a train using a kid-size chair, a laundry basket, several folded blankets, a baby playmat (so LB could ride on the train too), and an ottoman.

Result: The train is still set up in our dining room, and we make regular trips to make-believe destinations.  Awesome.

Surprise twist: Having all the blankets out inspired us to build a fort, too!

3. Activity #240: Make a little video
After summer preschool, BB ended up with about a dozen ocean animals he’d made out of paper plates, brown bags, and googly eyes.  The animals are adorable, but there is no way I can justify the space to store these things.  So I decided to make a video of them instead.  We set up a blue blanket as an “ocean” backdrop, and BB was to show off each of the animals.

Result: We had some fun producing the video, though it is hard to get a 3-year-old to stay on topic — and he wanted to watch the movie rather than record it. Still, we managed to capture his craft projects for posterity, and we enjoyed watching it back on the computer (over and over again).

Thanks to the Rookie Moms for providing the inspiration to break us out of our rut.  We still need to find ways to get out-and-about and exercise without visiting the dreaded park.  But for days in, and during LB’s naps, it’ll be easier to resist the TV temptation knowing that there are plenty of clever activities to try.

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  1. You’re totally inspiring me with these challenges!

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